Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer Beauty - back to the beginning

Back to basics - why organic beauty products?

I have decided to do a mini blog series regarding my hair, skin, body and make up routines. Explaining in part one why organic beauty products?

I don't expect everyone to have the same mindset as this world would be a very boring place. I just thought I would give an in-depth view of why I decided to change from mainstream to organic.

Having been a user of high end skincare and makeup for years, I was shocked when my skin started reacting to products. I remember going to counters and having skin recommendations done and purchasing products that made no difference but because I didn't have any sensitivities to them I stuck with them. I remember having purchased things for combination skin which the consultant recommended only to find I had normal/dry skin. It was when my skin burnt and became red and irritated that I realised I needed to change something.

I am in my late twenties and I used to love building my points up in a certain high-street chemist where I made some of my purchases, Christmas and my Birthday would see me use my points as a treat to myself. When I thought about the chemicals in mainstream products it made me really think about what effects they were having that I couldn't see. This I why I cleaned up my act.

I decided to use organic beauty products as there are no synthetic chemicals in the products. Purchasing organic you are supporting organic farming, fair-trade cooperatives and in some cases small businesses. I know there is a debate between mainstream or organic is one better than the other?For some it doesn't bother you and that's fine. I made the changed because of the effects the ingredients were having on my skin.

On another note I am also into cruelty free products. There are a few brands who manufacture natural or organic products who have a higher end parent company. The organic/natural brand may be cruelty free but the parent company might not be. If this is of interest to you, you will need to do your research. 


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