Monday, 28 July 2014

Summer Beauty - Hair Care

My hair care routine is pretty simple to be honest. I don't use a lot of products in my hair and I don't like it too look to over styled especially in the summer.

I like to wash and condition my hair every time I wash it which is every other day, once a week I use organic coconut oil as a hair mask applied at least 30 minutes before I wash it.

A couple of months ago I changed up my haircare routine and I am happy with what I am using now. I have my hair cut four times a year as I like to keep it longer anyway and the condition I keep my hair in I haven't had any problems with doing so.

Cleansing and Conditioning the hair and scalp

When I wash my hair I always double cleanse, the first cleanse is remove some dirt and the second cleanse I get a better lather. I only condition the mid lengths to ends as I can't see the point in applying conditioner to the scalp.  I use a 100% cotton towel to wrap my hair in once it's been washed, leave it on for 30 minutes and scrunch dry the ends (never rub). I use coconut oil once a week as a mask to condition and cleanse the scalp, I don't wrap my hair in anything I just pop it in a bun. For brushing my hair I use a Denman hair brush as the more expensive ones I have purchased I haven't been that impressed with.
Drying the hair

If I wash my hair in the morning I will let it dry naturally. If I have washed it in the evening then I will roughly dry the hair. The only heated tool I use is my heated rollers.

Styling the hair

I don't apply any styling product to my hair after washing/before drying. After it is dry and has been curled then I run some coconut oil through the ends. This gives definition to the curl created by the rollers or to my waves if dried naturally. It also adds shine to the hair and helps prevent dry ends.

Hair up or down

Depending on how my hair has been dried depends on what I do. For naturally dried or roughly dried hair I like to wear my hair either half up or in a low pony tail. If it's been in rollers I like to wear it down or in a pony tail with a cascade of curls. As you can see I am very lazy when it comes to my 

Products mentioned
Louise Galvin shampoo and conditioner 
Neal's Yard Remedies coconut oil 


Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer Beauty - back to the beginning

Back to basics - why organic beauty products?

I have decided to do a mini blog series regarding my hair, skin, body and make up routines. Explaining in part one why organic beauty products?

I don't expect everyone to have the same mindset as this world would be a very boring place. I just thought I would give an in-depth view of why I decided to change from mainstream to organic.

Having been a user of high end skincare and makeup for years, I was shocked when my skin started reacting to products. I remember going to counters and having skin recommendations done and purchasing products that made no difference but because I didn't have any sensitivities to them I stuck with them. I remember having purchased things for combination skin which the consultant recommended only to find I had normal/dry skin. It was when my skin burnt and became red and irritated that I realised I needed to change something.

I am in my late twenties and I used to love building my points up in a certain high-street chemist where I made some of my purchases, Christmas and my Birthday would see me use my points as a treat to myself. When I thought about the chemicals in mainstream products it made me really think about what effects they were having that I couldn't see. This I why I cleaned up my act.

I decided to use organic beauty products as there are no synthetic chemicals in the products. Purchasing organic you are supporting organic farming, fair-trade cooperatives and in some cases small businesses. I know there is a debate between mainstream or organic is one better than the other?For some it doesn't bother you and that's fine. I made the changed because of the effects the ingredients were having on my skin.

On another note I am also into cruelty free products. There are a few brands who manufacture natural or organic products who have a higher end parent company. The organic/natural brand may be cruelty free but the parent company might not be. If this is of interest to you, you will need to do your research.