Thursday, 12 June 2014

Planning my bedroom

Image from The White Company

Starting over

I have been thinking about redoing my room from scratch since the start of the year. One of my resolutions was to banish the clutter, downsize my personal belongings and to be more organised. I have been working on these through the year.

I like purchasing home interior magazines for example Your Home, Style at Home and The English Home. The Your Home and Style at Home magazines I feel feature more budget friendly projects and The English Home I feel is more classic and contemporary in design.

I also love browsing the internet for inspiration too. There are a lot of places online to find things that are of a similar interest or design, from Pinterest to Instagram. The past few months I didn't really know which direction my room was going to take. I like a variety of styles from coast and country to French design and architecture. All I knew at the time was I wanted an organised and calm and cosy room to retreat to. One of my favourite places that I have ever stayed at is Cannes. We stayed at the Intercontinental Carlton and I loved the suite we had. The attention to the smaller details. It was magnificent.

Over the past couple of years I have mixed up the accessories. Whilst it was lovely I never felt it clicked together. About a month ago I started pinning ideas of things I loved. I created inspiration boards of coast and country, neutrals and French design. It was during this time that I realised I favoured neutral, calming colours. My Mam and I decided to go into town and it was whilst browsing in The White Company that I decided I liked the tones used. Everything was within the same colour family and it felt calm, tranquil and serene. That to me is exactly how a bedroom should be.

For now I am keeping the bedlinen I have which is a full set each of taupe and white. When the time comes to replace my bedlinen I will stick to plain white bedlinen and warm it up with my accessories. I am going for warm tones in my accessories and curtains, I am painting the walls a light neutral either white or light beige and adding texture and interest with accessories. Keeping the bed accessories to a minimum will help dress the bed on a morning and won't take long to remove at night. Less is always more.

- Louise

Monday, 9 June 2014

The White Company

With Spring comes the process of the deep clean. Along with the decluttering, re-organising and painting, comes the time to reinvent the room a little too.

Two weeks ago I didn't really know which direction my room was going to take. I like a variety of interior styles from modern country to French interior design. I still have fond memories of the suite we had in Cannes with the sea views it was absolutely stunning. I will be doing a post shortly about the style I am going for.

For now though, I thought I would share with you my purchase from The White Company. It is part of the Suffolk collection and it's reversible with velvet on one side and linen on the other.

What are you favourite websites for inspiration? 

I will be doing more bedroom updates and planning posts shortly.

- Louise