Friday, 2 May 2014

Isle of Skye - candle company

I first came across Isle of Skye Candles in Kelso, Scotland. They were in a beautiful boutique called Just Plum.  They are handmade on the Isle of Skye and are made from Soya wax.

From the selection in Just Plum I chose the Oriental Lily candle.

The smell is very true to life, you can imagine having a big bouquet of lilies in your home when this is burning. What is outstanding for me when it comes to these candles is they smell even when not lit. The smells aren't cloying or heady. Just very true to life. The Oriental Lily candle would be a perfect present for a bride. Either for the day itself or for a bridal shower.

The perfect candle for this time of year.

The large tumbler retails for £15 and burns for approximately 45 hours. I found the candle had to be lit for slightly longer than was recommended on the packaging. Due to the wastage of wax I won't be  repurchasing the large tumbler candle.

The next two candles were ordered directly from Isle of Skye candles and they arrived within a day of ordering. The travel containers are very cost effective, they burn for a long time and are great as presents or as a treat for yourself. They are perfect for travelling to. The lids can be placed underneath the tins to protect the surfaces they are on.

Fig is one of my all time favourite scents when it comes to candles. I love the woodiness of it. I was intrigued to try this one as it was combined with vanilla. The fragrance of the vanilla & fig candle work really well together. You get the warmth of the vanilla with the woody notes of fig. If you normally find vanilla too sickly sweet, try this one. It's not in anyway sweet or woody. It's a very unique fragrance.

Juniper is an uplifting candle. Perfect to burn at the end of a busy week or when you want an extra bit of pampering. It's not too strong or heady. 

The travel candle containers are perfect for gifts and retail for £8 and burn for 30 hours

Another candle I tried from the range was the Winter Warmer candle in the votive size. This to me is the most true to life winter scented candle. It burnt for an extremely long period of time is one of the most affordable candles. 

The votive candle is priced at £5 and burns for 20 hours. I will be purchasing the larger size of the Winter Warmer fragrance for this winter. 

Out of the candles I have tried so far from Isle of Skye, I would repurchase the small votive candle and the tins.

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Have you tried Isle of Skye candles? What do you think of their range?

- Louise 

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