Sunday, 18 May 2014

Herbfarmacy Haul

At the start of March I felt it was time to order some things from Herbfarmacy. I treated my Mam to some Herbfarmacy products for Christmas. Now it was time to treat myself.

I decided to order the Luxury Foot Cream, Melissa Lip Nurse and Lip Conditioner as I couldn't decide which one to purchase and I ordered a sample of the Exfoliating Cleanser which has been recently released.

I have had the lip conditioner before and it's the first time I have tried the other products.

Now for the reviews

Luxury Foot Cream is a similar texture to their cleansing mousse. You can really smell the spearmint. It sinks in quickly and is great as an over night treatment with cosy socks on. Overall I would score the Luxury Foot Balm a 4/5

Lip Conditioner is a creamy textured balm and smells of vanilla. This is lighter in consistency to the Melissa Lip Nurse. I find the Lip Conditioner is best for day use in the summer months. I would score the Lip Conditioner a 4/5

Melissa Lip Nurse is definitely my favourite lip balm. The smell is gorgeous, it is a thicker consistency making it perfect for constant dry lip sufferers like myself. I would highly recommend this lip balm. I score the Melissa Lip Nurse a 5/5

Exfoliating cleanser is a very fine exfoliator. The texture is the same as their cleansing mousse with tiny jojoba beads added for gentle exfoliation. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin. I would use this once a week only on my sensitive skin. I score the Exfoliating Cleanser 4/5

What are your favourite Herbfarmacy products? Have you tried any of the ones I have mentioned?

- Louise

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