Thursday, 24 April 2014

Why organic skincare?

I started to use premium beauty brands in my teens when my skin was suffering from breakouts due to the hormones that come with puberty. I used to go to the beauty counters and all they saw were the spots and they automatically assumed I had combination/oily skin when in fact my skin was normal/dry/combination. It wasn't until my late teens that I realised what helped and what didn't. 

After dipping my toes into the higher priced ranges I went back to drug store and in 2010 I decided I wanted to go premium again and switched to Origins and Molton Brown and this is where I learnt my lesson. After trying both ranges separately for roughly 6 months each. I made the switch to organic skincare in 2011 after suffering several reactions. My face suffered from burns, boils and tingling. 

In 2011 I originally started using Herbfarmacy and this was all I used for approximately a year. I then decided I wanted to try a 100% organic range and I made the switch to Spiezia.

Since switching to organic skincare I had forgotten just how sensitive and reactive my skin is. This was until a couple of weeks ago. I was too lazy to use my regular balm cleanser by Spiezia that I thought I would use Dove soap. It's supposed to be moisturising enough for dry skin, yet my skin felt rough, burning and was red roar and really painful. It took a good few days to return to being relatively normal.

So I now make it a habit of cleansing my skin immediately after returning home.

Have you ever suffered reactions to skin care products?

- Louise 

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