Monday, 3 March 2014

February round up

The past couple of months I have been clearing out the wardrobe. Alongside this I have noticed a few gaps in my wardrobe where I needed to purchase things. I also had to replace some basics too.

I like the idea of having a minimalist wardrobe. Not only is it liberating to have a small selection of good quality basics, the other plus point is everything is interchangeable. My basic colours are navy (it's more flattering in my opinion on a pale complexion), white and grey.

The only clothing items I am purchasing are well thought through, so no more impulsive purchases are happening. Another important thing to consider when building a capsule wardrobe is your lifestyle. Make sure all future purchases are going to work for your lifestyle now, not your imaginary one.

My purchases so far include:

Hobbs Kasia wool coat in Navy


The coat is gorgeous, well made and well worth the price. It looks great with trousers as well as jeans. It definitely dresses up any outfit.

My other purchases are from good all Marks and Spencer. I have had all kinds of designer jeans in the past, some good and some bad. Whilst shopping on a budget I decided to pop into my local M&S and look at the new Per Una range. I purchased a pair of boot cut jeans and a pair of slim leg trousers which look great paired with ballet flats. I was going to include the links for them, but I can't find them on the M&S website.

Thank you for stopping by,

- Louise 


  1. I do like M&S for clothes, it can be hit or miss but in between the old lady stuff you can often find something nice. The cost is very nice, I like the tailored style

    1. I agree M&S can be a bit hit and miss. I like their Per Una Per Una range and the Classic Collection jeans at £15 are a good buy. Thank you for your comment regarding the coat. It was a considered purchase and I'm hoping it will last for years to come.