Thursday, 20 February 2014

January round up

The main focus for January was to start a major de-cluttering project. The first thing to tackle was the wardrobe. I was sick of having clothes which weren't being worn, either because they were ill fitting or I didn't like them anymore.

There were 15 items in total to get rid of. The picture above shows what I have left in my wardrobe at the moment. My wardrobe purchase for this month was a navy wool coat from Hobbs. My Barbour International Jacket is best suited to casual wear and I thought my wardrobe would benefit from a smarter jacket too. When the Barbour eventually wears out I will probably replace it with one of their weatherproof jackets as I like to spend time outdoors.

The detoxing of the wardrobe is complete for now. I have found I can get by with two hand bags and a casual tote for summer.

The next stage of the project is to purchase "carefully" selected pieces. This now means I can start to build a capsule wardrobe with a minimal amount of colour and effort. I sat down yesterday with a note book and pen listing items that were missing from my wardrobe.

So the decluttering continues.....

- Louise 

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