Thursday, 10 October 2013

Essential Care Calendula Balm 20g

Essential Care Organic Calendula Balm 
Moisturising plant oils & therapeutic calendula herb to soothe and heal dry or damaged skin

What Essential Care say about the Calendula Balm

A concentrated blend of healing calendula, chamomile, vitamin-rich organic oils and raw shea butter to moisturise, soothe and repair. Wonderful for dry or chapped skin on hands, elbows and heels it is quickly absorbed and delightfully fragrant. A great cuticle and nail conditioner, customers also report beneficial results on psoriasis. Certified 100% organic, available in 20g and 50g.

Ingredients, cocus nucifera (coconut oil), olea europaea (extra virgin olive oil), butryospermum parkii   (shea butter), cera flava (beeswax), calendula officinalis, citrus sinesis, anthemis nobiis, limonene (from essential oils). Organically grown 100%. Soil Association certified.

I have been using the Calendula Balm religiously for the last few days (as I am in the process of finishing products off) and I have noticed an improvement already with my cuticles. I have used lots of products in the past to remove the dead skin from my nail plate (cuticle remover) and cuticle oils to condition the skin. I would still be left with hard bits of skin on my nail plate. Having read about the Calendula Balm in the Essential Care catalogue I thought I would give it a go. So far my hands no longer feel dry or look dull, the skin around my nails is conditioned and the hard bits of skin on my nail plate are softening. When I don't apply the calendula balm I notice a difference in my hands and nails. Only a little is required. I still have products to finish off and I will do a hand care update post shortly on what I use.

Essential Care Calendula balm can also be used as
  • lip balm
  • cleanser
  • make-up remover
  • hand cream
  • nail conditioner
  • body butter
  • foot cream
I love using multi-purpose products as you get a lot more product for your money. No more excessive products around the bathroom, just a one pot wonder. The 20g size is perfect to take out and about with you. Essential Care Calendula Balm would be a fantastic product to use on long haul flights to prevent the skin from drying out. A great product for the men too.

Have you tried Essential Care? What are your favourites?

- Louise

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