Thursday, 22 August 2013


This blog post is about nightwear. How much is too much? Why is everything nowadays manufactured from polyester and nylon mixed together to create modal?

For my night clothes to be comfortable I have found that my nightwear has to be cotton. When I was growing up that's all you could get for nightwear and I don't understand why this has changed in the last few years.

My nightwear up until today for the last year has been from The White Company and was made from modal. I had to replace all my nightwear with new this year as it had stretched considerably.

So I decided to look for natural materials and ethically produced nightwear. I stumbled upon the People Tree website and I purchased their stripe pocket tee and a pair of their melange pyjama bottoms in grey. The quality is second to none and the cotton feels thick. I will definitely be adding more People Tree items to my wardrobe soon.

So when it comes to nightwear, how much is too much? Well I have found the perfect number for me. My nightwear drawer now consists of, two pairs of pyjamas and a nighty, one bath robe and one pair of slippers. Alongside these I would also include two pairs of bedsocks for those chillier nights.

- Louise

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