Sunday, 16 June 2013

When the high street just won't do....There's always Etsy

Brit Boutique goes shopping to Etsy.....

Not only do I love supporting independent shops, I also love supporting crafts people too. When I purchase anything from Etsy I always look for things made in the United Kingdom first and then do a World Wide search too.

These past few months I have been purchasing accessories for my bedroom. I found this beautiful cushion made by Hilly Horton Home. The cushion is a linen mix with lace detail trim which is professionally made and would have cost double on the high street or in a home interiors shop. In my opinion the cushion is worth more than I paid for it.

I have also purchased a couple of things from Love to Hold. The wash bag and make-up bag are made from Liberty Emily Bowyer fabric in a navy and white colour way. I love natural materials and with these being machine washable they are practical as well as beautiful.

I was so thrilled with Merope's skills that I requested a tote bag made from the same fabric. After some conversations and some money later, this arrived.

The tote bag is the perfect size and so practical for jaunting around. I use the bag organiser by Tintamar (VIP liner) as this helps keep things together. 

I plan on doing more of these posts as I purchase more things from Etsy or Folksy.

The two shops I mentioned can be found here

- Louise


  1. I think it's great that you support craftspeople, and also your local economy.