Saturday, 22 June 2013

Kazuri jewellery - Supporting Fair Trade

Aside from supporting British manufacture, I also like supporting Fair Trade. Fair trade is important to countries where exploitation takes place because farmers and workers are being underpaid for their work. The Fair Trade organisation provides farmers and workers with a respectable salary so they can provide for their families, send their children to school or pay for child care. There are many books about Fair Trade, two of my favourites are Green is the New Black and Eco Chic.

One of the Fair Trade companies I buy from is Kazuri. Kazuri means small and beautiful in Swahili. Kazuri make jewellery and pottery in Nairobi and was set up in 1975. Kazuri is now sold in many independent boutiques in England and also in the department store John Lewis. Each Kazuri piece is made by hand so each one is truly unique.

I have three Kazuri necklaces now. There are many different designs and sizes to suit everybody who loves unique things. The first two necklaces are the Pita Pat style which is quite bold and makes an impact. When I wear one of these I never wear any other jewellery as the necklace is enough.

The first one is Antique Gold 18" Pita Pat and the second is Midnight (almost black) 18" Pita Pat these were purchased from a boutique in Kelso called Zantik.

This one is the tiny smartie Sarah summer ceramic necklace in Nougat/Neutrals. I first saw this in John Lewis and ordered it from their website when I realised I really wanted it a week later.

Kazuri jewellery is well made, lovely and cool to the touch being made from ceramic. I thought I'd share a group shot of my necklace collection. I hope to add more soon.

You can purchase the Kazuri jewellery from and 

There are other retailers online and you can find them by doing a google search.  You can also find pieces on eBay. The independent retailers I buy Kazuri from are Zantik in Kelso, Scottish Borders and Sorella in Hexham, Northumberland.

- Louise

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