Saturday, 25 May 2013

Christy Duvets and Pillows

I had been wanting to purchase a new duvet for a few months. The one I had was supposed to be a single, however it didn't fit my single duvet cover properly. I was considering many options, duck feather and down, wool, and micro fibre. The duck feather and wool options would require dry cleaning, although I could probably wash the pillows at home in the machine. The other thing was obviously cost and also where they were made.

For the wool option I was looking at Devon Duvets and Southdown. Both use British wool in their production. The Wool Room also offers wool duvets. The micro fibre was going to be the last resort option as it's not environmentally friendly compared to the wool duvets.

Picture from Devon Duvet website
Picture from Southdown duvets

On a recent trip to the Scottish Borders, we stopped off at the Gretna Village Outlet. I decide to have a look at Christy. They had a 30% off sale which was great, they only had micro fibre duvets and pillows from their range called Aerelle. The duvet itself was on display and had a fantastic drape to it. It is machine washable so requires no dry cleaning bills. When I got home I removed the old duvet straight away to pop it on and it just finished the room off.

The quality is excellent and after one nights sleep I decided to buy the pillows to go with it. The duvet and pillows are made in the UK although their duvet covers, pillowcases and towels aren't which is a real shame.

Information from the Christy website about Aerelle:

This Aerelle range of duvets and pillows is designed  to provide a premium quality product with real benefits in sleep, comfort and durability.

The Aerelle by Du-Point filling is a special microfine polyester micro fibre with a siliconised finish, which provides an exceptionally soft feel and comfortable drape.

All products have a 100% cotton cotton, 240 thread count cover and are machine washable as well as offering a permanent antibacterial and anti-fungal control plus non-allergy benefits.

I may try the wool options when my current duvet needs replacing or when I need to purchase a summer weight duvet.

I am continuing my search for bedlinen made in the UK and will add more as I come across ranges.

- Louise

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