Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Over the years I have tried tonnes of skincare ranges to try and find the right range for me. A lot of the products on the high street are full of chemicals which can have damaging effects on our health and well being.

I have been on a quest really to find a happy medium for my own skin. I now read the ingredients for everything I purchase, not just skincare but make-up and body care too.

These are some of my favourites so far......

A couple of years ago I read an article in one of the Country Living or Country Homes and Interiors magazine about Herbfarmacy and sent away for some samples to try.

Herbfarmacy is made all by hand. They don't test on animals and all production is done here in the United Kingdom in Herefordshire. The products don't contain any nasty ingredients and are suitable for sensitive skin types and are certified by The Soil Association.

These are the products I have tried so far from Herbfarmacy

Wash-Off Cleansing Mousse. The texture is a little hard to describe as it is marshmallow like and silky soft. You apply this to a dry face and rinse off with an organic muslin cloth to wipe away impurities and dead skin cells to reveal soft glowing skin.

Divine Light Face Cream is a lovely light textured cream. Perfect as a make-up base or as a lighter moisturiser for the Summer Months. It is also perfect for younger or oily skin types too. 

Replenish Face Cream is my absolute favourite Herbfarmacy moisturiser. It is the richest cream they do and it isn't too heavy. It absorbs into the skin really well.

All images were taken from the Herbfarmacy website.

Another range I really love is Spiezia. I have been using Spiezia for about a year now. Their products are richer than Herbfarmacy and are again certified by The Soil Association. Spiezia's range is 100% Organic and are manufactured in Cornwall.

I am currently using the facial cleanser to cleanse my skin morning and evening. The cleanser is a rich balm texture and all you need is the size of a pea to cleanse the face and neck. I use the Rose and Vanilla face oil on a Morning and Evening which smells wonderful. I use the Nourishing Moisturiser when my skin needs a little TLC when it feels dryer and needs some deep nourishment overnight. The textures aren't to heavy and the products last a long time as only a little is needed. Spiezia is an ethical company, who is against animal testing and all the products are made by hand. 

The Littlecote Soap Co was set up by Elaine Stavert. The products I purchased to dip my toes into the water were the Baby Face natural facial beauty bar. This is not like any other soap on the market. It lathers up nicely and it is very gentle on the skin and doesn't make my dry and sensitive feel dry or tight afterwards. I have been using this conjunction with my Spiezia routine with no problems what so ever. 

The other item I purchased was their Totally Balmy balm. This is a little miracle worker as it is perfect for any dry areas and also the lips as a lip balm. I have a had a very dry nose from blowing it due to having a cold and within a day my skin was healing and returning to the way it should be. I no longer suffer from dry tight lips thanks to this little pot of magic. I get annoyed with myself when I forget to put in my bag when I'll be out all day. It is also great for dry cuticles and keeping them in great condition.

Littlecote products are handmade and packaged in the UK, don't contain SLS or SLES, are not tested on animals, contain no animal fats or lanolin.

- Louise

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