Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Mimi Berry

I first found Mimi Berry bags back in December through a fellow blogger, Sarah Eley, of Mrs Osbourn's Shopping Spree.

I really caught the Mimi bug from Sarah. Since then I have purchased a couple of Mimi's beautiful bags which are manufactured here in the UK to very high ethical standards. The leathers are sourced from Italy and all the fittings on their bags are solid brass.

The first bag I purchased was the camel Eric. Due to the leather being naturally dyed, as it ages, it will have a darker patina. I can't wait to see how this bag changes colour overtime. This bag was purchased through a stockist of Mimi Berry bags, Pretty and Witty. Due to the weather being so poor in the United Kingdom at the moment I am waiting with anticipation for some nicer weather so I can use it.


I was browsing through the Mimi website when I saw the navy Eric. A couple of times it was sold out and I thought maybe it wasn't meant to be. Whilst Googling Mimi Berry, I came across the website Everything Begins. Everything Begins is based in Australia, and they are a drop shipper of the Mimi range. The whole process was extremely easy to do. The navy Eric is such a classic colour which has now become my go-to bag. I have used this practically everyday since it arrived.

I am currently after a larger Mimi bag and I plan on waiting a little to make my decision as it is so difficult choosing one of her beautiful bags.

It was whilst browsing Sarah's blog I came across the George purse by Mimi. So to keep the wanties at bay I purchased the George purse direct from the Mimi website and decided to have my initials embossed on to it. The red is a true classic red shade and the purse is big enough to hold a few cards. This is a perfect size to pop into a coat pocket for quick shopping or errands. I plan on using this inside a clutch to keep my things organised. It's perfect!

 The purse was well packaged and beautifully wrapped. If it was for a gift there would be no need to gift wrap it as this is already done by Mimi.  I also bought some leatherfood to treat my bags when the time comes. The leatherfood is a huge size and will last a very long time.

I cannot fault Mimi Berry at all. The customer care and service is excellent and they answer emails quickly and efficiently. 

There are many British brands that now manufacture their goods overseas. By supporting companies like Mimi Berry we are keeping British traditions alive and helping the UK economy by keeping people in employment.

Not only are Mimi Berry as a company very ethical, their dust bags are also produced ethically in India. 

Some pictures of the current Mimi range

- Louise

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