Monday, 25 March 2013

Abahna - A Bathing Ritual

Sometime last year I received Abahna The Ceremony of Bathing as a gift for either my birthday or Christmas. I always ask for Abahna for each of these occasions. I have saved this until now to use as I like to finish off things first before moving onto the next.

Abahna is a British company which is also manufactured here in Britain. The range contains no artificial colourings, mineral oils, parrafin, parabens, perservatives or SLS or SLES. They are against animal testing also which is always a positive in my book!

The whole Abahna range uses natural essential oils to fragrance the products, and the base product they use is also natural which are derived from vegetable and plant oils.

The Bathing Ritual I received included a base foam bath which is unscented, and you could use this in the bath separately or you can create your own depth of scent by adding in an essential oil blend of fragrance. The choices I had were White Grapefruit and May Chang, which is an uplifting citrus fragrance blend which is perfect for a morning bath or when you want to feel zingy and fresh. The other choice was Lilac Rose and Geranium which is a relaxing fragrance blend perfect for an evening before bed. The fragrance is more unusual and very feminine without being overly floral. This is a particular favourite scent of mine and I have asked for some Lilac Rose and Geranium for my birthday this year.

Abahna is on par monetary wise with other high end bathing brands but what stands out for me is there customer service, the presentation of the products, and the quality is second to none.

For more information on Abahna or to view the range visit for your very own bathing experience.

- Louise

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